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Researching Ancestors in the British Department of State
Ed Storey sheds light on where to locate records for British subjects who worked for the Department of State, both home and abroad

Stuck in a Rut? Recharge Your Research!
Lisa A. Alzo shows you how to get your genealogy groove back in three “E”-asy steps

Discovering Pompey Russell: Revolutionary War Patriot
Merrylyn Sawyer researches the life of a New Hampshire patriot of the Revolutionary War

DNA: Unraveling a Pomeranian Mystery
Lori Alexander shows how she used DNA testing to back up her genealogy research for her Pomeranian ancestors

"Why Guernsey?"
George Matheson has made many trips to explore his family history on the charming island of Guernsey in the English Channel and offers some tips and recommendations for fellow researchers

Pick a Card... Any Card!
David A. Norris looks at what you can learn about your ancestors from collections of old cards in various forms

Go Paperless
Carol Richey looks at five easy steps to reduce the paper clutter for family historians

Will the Middle Initial Disappear?
David A. Norris wonders what the implications would be for future family historians if the middle initial faded into obscurity

Old Dead Folks Club
Robbie Gorr admits that transcribing headstones is a solitary past-time, but it is also a very rewarding experience

Journaling a Genealogical Journey — Creating a “Vital Record”
Joe Grandinetti shows you how to create a valuable record
of your ancestral travels


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